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Open Issues

14 unresolved issue(s).


(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   Featurerequest FDT-3760 UNRESOLVED Export/Import AS3 Problem Settings Major Open
   Bug FDT-3649 UNRESOLVED FDT Explorer becomes unresponsive on Darg&Drop with Project Groups Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3752 UNRESOLVED Refresh bin folder after make a .swf file Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3650 UNRESOLVED SWC replace broke in latest update ( Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2982 UNRESOLVED Expand / Parse SWF Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2690 UNRESOLVED Make It Easier To Change SDK and / or Change Project Types Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1845 UNRESOLVED Abbreviate Package Names Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1342 UNRESOLVED Asset Library Manager Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2905 UNRESOLVED Add ability to add and delete Reffered projects from right click menu Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2512 UNRESOLVED Allow For The Creation of non parsed 'Actionscript Files' Within A Source Path Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2711 UNRESOLVED Display Which Files Which Are Available To The Class Path, But Are Not Used Minor Confirmed
   Bug FDT-3715 UNRESOLVED Explorer icons not updating to open/closed states Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-3555 UNRESOLVED File type icons intermittent Trivial Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2727 UNRESOLVED Paste and Refactor Trivial Confirmed
Released FDT 10
  Unscheduled 4

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Open Issues

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Trivial Trivial 3

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