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Release Date: 10/May/12
FDT 5.5 2012-05-10T00-00

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 187 of 187 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug FDT-2548 FIXED "'compile' has encountered a problem. an internal error occurred during: "compile"" when debugging. Blocker Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2456 FIXED 4.6 SDK Support Blocker Closed
   Improvement FDT-2664 FIXED Avoid Duplicate Template Backups Move Old 5.0 Templates To Backup Folder Blocker Closed
   Bug FDT-2730 FIXED Installed 5.5 64bit beta (Crashes after opening workspace) Blocker Closed
   Improvement FDT-2606 NONE Allow Option To Copy .bar or description.xml from SDK Critical Closed
   Improvement FDT-2378 NONE Captive runtime - bundles Critical Closed
   Improvement FDT-2605 NONE Improve SDK Popups When Starting FDT Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-2666 FIXED 'Extracted' variable name TabStop is not working Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-2423 FIXED 4.6 SDK Breaks Debugger Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-815 FIXED AS3 FDT parser with Flex SDK 3.5 Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-2451 FIXED Android Mobile Template Does Not Debug On Device By Default Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-2656 FIXED Auto completion proposal window closes unexpectedly Critical Closed
   Improvement FDT-2291 FIXED Automatically rename fields when create getters and setters. Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-2356 FIXED Broken imports and Class definitions with Starling Framework Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-2565 FIXED Compile 50% Freeze Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-2579 FIXED Could not resolve protected namespace Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-2560 FIXED Digital Certificates Created in FDT Need To Be Signed For 25 years Critical Closed
   Improvement FDT-2388 FIXED Don't require the Flex SDKs when Only Using haXe Critical Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2639 FIXED FDT Setup Wizard Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-2396 FIXED FDT crashes on startup Critical Closed
   Improvement FDT-2713 FIXED Have Custom Formatting Apply To New Projects Critical Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2627 FIXED Improve Autocomplete By Incorporating Completion Server Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-2555 FIXED Incorrect Error & Parser Breaks with parameter name "dynamic" Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-2710 FIXED No Flash Player Project thrown in a debug launcher Critical Closed
   Improvement FDT-2694 FIXED Rendering mode : 'direct' option is missing Critical Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2389 FIXED Run Configurations (Run & Debug) For haXe Critical Closed
   Improvement FDT-2457 FIXED Set default for haXe Flash projects to AVM 2 Critical Closed
   Improvement FDT-2529 NONE Add SDK Option For iOS Applications [Retina & ANE] Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2614 NONE Adjust UI For SDK Management View Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2406 NONE FDT - SWF Bridge Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2559 FIXED "Can't Compile" Flex 4.6.0 for Flash Player 11.1 Major Closed
   Bug FDT-865 FIXED "Show load/unload SWF messages" option does not have any affect Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2515 FIXED 'Add Projects...' button does nothing in New FDT Project Window Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2680 FIXED 'Merge Air SDK' doesn't work Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2635 FIXED A Change in AIR SDK version does not update AIR application descriptor Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2514 FIXED ADL shuts down immediately after compile Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2504 FIXED ANE Support For Desktop AIR & Mobile Applications Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2578 FIXED ASDoc: Text contained in fat swc is displayed incompletely or incorrectly Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2612 FIXED ASDocs for SWC in Referenced Projects Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2564 FIXED Add "Encapsulate' quickfix without forcing user to switch editors. Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2619 FIXED Add 'FDT Bridge Plugins' branch in 'Debug configuration' Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2589 FIXED Add More Items To FDT's Mobile Launcher Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2618 FIXED After Launching FDT, Windows Exploler download File Window openes Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2475 FIXED Air SDK 3.1 merge writes wrong file permissions on Flex SDK binaries Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2584 FIXED Android "Create Certificate" missing validity option Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2718 FIXED Ant error: failed to create task or type fdt.viewDocument Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2553 FIXED Autocomplete Should Filter Only For Types When Creating Vectors Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2692 FIXED BlackBerry Playbook template does not recognize installed SDK Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2714 FIXED Bottom bar missing on the welcome screen Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2620 FIXED Bridge plugins works only when launched using ''Swf Plugin Viever" Major Closed
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Component AIR 21
Component ANT 6
Component ASDocs 3
Component Autocompletion 9
Component Core (Deprecated) 9
Component Debugger 20
Component Editor (Deprecated) 24
Component FDT Explorer 2
Component Formatter 3
Component Haxe 16
Component Installation 2
Component Launching 19
Component Linux (Deprecated) 3
Component Mobile (Deprecated Use AIR) 10
Component MXML 1
Component Parser 4
Component Preferences 6
Component Project References 2
Component Project Template 7
Component Quick Fix / Assist 24
Component Refactoring 8
Component SDK Management 8
Component SWC 3
Component SWFBridge 2
Component UI 14
Component Welcome Screen 3
  No Component 28

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