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Change Log

  9 of 22 issues have been resolved
   Improvement FDT-3665 UNRESOLVED FlexJS Project Template Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3666 UNRESOLVED FlexJS project type updated Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1420 UNRESOLVED Project templates and project types location Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3421 UNRESOLVED Project templates location Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1947 UNRESOLVED Ignore .scn folder with project templates Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-979 UNRESOLVED Templates improvement Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2712 UNRESOLVED Allow For Easier Library Project Type Workflow Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1821 UNRESOLVED Export Project as Project Template Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1972 UNRESOLVED Improve FDT's SWC Library Process Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1511 UNRESOLVED New Template View Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1583 UNRESOLVED Project Template Manager GUI Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1552 UNRESOLVED Project Templats from SVN/Git/etc Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2221 UNRESOLVED When creating a new project with HTML wrapper targeting player 9 could the wrapper require player 9 and not player 10? Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-3668 NONE FlexJS Native Project Template Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3729 NONE FlexUnit: Add special ObjectUtil.swc to AIR project templates Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3662 NONE Library Project Templates Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3663 NONE Project Template: Option to declare file to open after project creation Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3654 NONE Project Templates: SWC tag attribute sharedRuntime of libraries is not accepted by template parser Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3631 NONE Test resource classpath entries only for test runs Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-768 FIXED New class or interface auto template Major Closed
   Bug FDT-1909 FIXED Creating a new project should not overwrite source in target folder Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2682 FIXED Change default library folder from 'libs' to 'lib' Trivial Closed
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Progress:  No issues.
FDT 5.6 Maintenance Release
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