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Description: Preference panel

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Open Issues

12 unresolved issue(s).


(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   Featurerequest FDT-903 UNRESOLVED Method param customization - ($event:Event) Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3712 UNRESOLVED Setting "Show AsDoc in hover" not saved Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2012 UNRESOLVED Import/Export FDT Formatting pereferences Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-1539 UNRESOLVED save settings in a seperated folder Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1885 UNRESOLVED A way to adjust FDT's parser Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2333 UNRESOLVED Add 'Enable project specific settings' for Code templates Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2013 UNRESOLVED Import/Export FDT Problems: Errors, Warnings preferences Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2558 UNRESOLVED Option To Auto Copy Assets From Source Folders To Output Folder Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1414 UNRESOLVED Type Header Per Project Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1481 UNRESOLVED Allow Sorting Of Templates Trivial Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-798 UNRESOLVED Hexadecimal color input when specifying colors in FDT. Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-2554 UNRESOLVED Add Option To Change generate getter\setter position Trivial Confirmed
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