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Component AIR
Component AIR: Android
Component AIR: Blackberry
Component AIR: Desktop
Component AIR: iOS
Component ANE
  Adobe Native Extension
Component ANT
  ANT tasks provided by FDT
Component Apparat Integration (Deprecated)
Component ASDocs
Component Autocompletion
Component Code Templates
Component Core (Deprecated)
Component Creation Wizard
Component Debugger
  callstack, variables, breakpoints, reference type templates
Component Dependency Visualizer (Deprecated)
Component Dokumentation
  Website, FDT help
Component Editor (Deprecated)
  Content assist, quick assist, linked ui, formatter, organize imports, folding, hyperlinks, syntax highlighting, semantic highlighting
Component External SWF Viewer
Component FDT Explorer
Component FDT Free
Component Font Library Creator (Deprecated)
Component Formatter
Component Haxe
  FDT's Haxe Integration
Component Installation
  FDT installer, update manager
Component Launching
  MTASC, Flex SDK, viewers
Component License
Component Linux (Deprecated)
Component Localization
  Language specific issues
Component Mobile (Deprecated Use AIR)
Component MXML
Component Navigation (Deprecated)
Component Parser
Component Performance
Component Preferences
  Preference panel
Component Profiler
Component Project Import / Export
Component Project References
Component Project Template
Component Quick Fix / Assist
Component Refactoring
Component SDK Management
Component Search
Component Setup Wizard
Component SWC
Component SWFBridge
Component UI
  FDT preferences, project properties, flash explorer, javadoc view, outline
Component Unit Testing (Deprecated)
Component Updating
Component Welcome Screen
  Issues related to the FDT 4 Welcome Screen


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